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About the consultation

Whatever your health or performance goal may be I want to help. Get in contact with me using my email address, phone number or fill out the contact form below.

I will get back to you as soon as I can and send you my nutritional questionnaire.  The questionnaire is very thorough and may seem like a lot of questions but the functional, holistic way I work means it is important to capture as much information about you as an individual as possible. Once you have filled in the questionnaire email it back to me and from there we will organise a consultation.

The consultation will last 1.5 hours and in this time we will create a detailed picture of your health history, identifying all the factors that may be contributing to your current health. These can be in the form of Antecedents, Triggers and Mediators


Antecedentsare those factors in your family health history and genes that may predispose you to certain symptoms, health states or nutritional requirements.

Triggersare specific events in life that may have been the spark to kick start certain symptoms or conditions.

Mediatorsare those lifestyle choices, foods or environmental factors that continue to feed in and facilitate your symptom’s, state of health or fitness.


Having gathered in your personal story we will discuss how these factors as well as your current lifestyle and nutrition is impacting either positively or negatively on your health or fitness then create a personalised nutrition plan specific to you, your situation and your goals. You will go away with some suggested meal plans and 3-4 specific points of focus for you to work on until the next time we meet. I will likely give you some educational handouts to consolidate what we have discussed in the appointment as well, so you don’t need to try and retain everything we cover!


In order to make your nutritional plan more bespoke it may be necessary to do some functional testing or include some specific and high quality nutritional supplementation. This will also be discussed during the consultation. Following the consultation, I will email you any relevant recipes that you need for the meals in your food plans as well as any supplement recommendations to therapeutically support you whilst you make dietary and lifestyle changes.


The plan we put together for you will be agreed by us both during the consultation, and we will get a date in the diary for the follow-up which is usually somewhere between 4-8 weeks depending on your goals and situation.