The original Nourished Soul Granola. Truly homemade in my cosy kitchen - Grain free, Gluten free, Vegan and 92% organic.

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  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 92% Organic
  • Vegan
  • No refined sugar
  • Paleo friendly

The Nourished Soul Cacao-Coconut Granola is gluten free and based around nuts and seeds instead of grains and sugar. It does contain some quinoa, which is a seed not a grain and also a complete protein, (contains all 20 amino acids found in animal proteins).

Breakfast needs to be a good balance between protein, healthy fats and fibre just like every other meal and my granola aims to make that easy for you, whilst also supplying a plethora of other micronutrients you just won't get from toast or a breakfast cereal.

Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure no contamination - this Artisan granola is truly homemade in my cosy kitchen and therefore may come into contact with some allergens - celery, eggs, gluten, dairy, peanuts. Oh - And it definitely contain nuts!

Enjoy with some stewed apples or a handful of fresh berries, a dollop of yoghurt or kefir and feel energised, full and happy until lunch knowing you are nourishing yourself body and soul!


Let’s start with the name sake and one of my most favourite ingredients to use with anything…



Raw cacao is considered a superfood due to its high nutrient and mineral content as a great source of energy supporting magnesium and iron, gut healthy fibre and anti-inflammatory fats. But what makes it extra super is its powerful anti-oxidant capacity (from its flavonoid content) which are highly anti-inflammatory and quench all those nasty free radicals that increase the risk of all chronic disease and cancer. And my favourite fact – as if Cacao could be any more super – Cacao contains Anandamide which is literally known as the bliss molecule!! What more do you need to know?



If Cacao is my favourite ingredient to add to everything, coconut has to be my second, and luckily for us they are a match made in heaven! Don’t be scared - Yes Coconuts are high in saturated fats but they are a particular type of medium chain triglycerides that our liver actually uses to make energy for us, which boosts our metabolism, increasing energy expenditure and supporting fat loss. What’s more coconut is anti-microbial so kills of nasty pathogenic bacteria – keeping our gut happy and healthy. Healthy gut equals healthy life!




Brazil nuts

You may wonder why it is only the brazil nuts that are not organic in this granola. Well, they grow best in the wild (as in pesticide free) as they love healthy pristine, primary rain forest conditions and don’t grow well commercially. What’s more eating them keeps the farmers and the workers employed and thus puts a value on the rainforest, therefore protecting the rainforest too. It’s a win-win situation! Deciding to use non-organic brazil nuts means my granola stays as affordable as possible whilst still looking after your health and our lovely planet! So, aside from being a rich source of thyroid supporting selenium, free radical fighting vitamin E and the heart healthy anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fat. 

Eating these little beauties actually helps preserve the Amazonian rainforest!



Goji Berries have been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and appear to have really wide ranging health benefits increased energy levels, athletic performance, quality of sleep, ease of awakening, ability to focus, mental acuity, calmness, feelings of health, contentment, and happiness and significantly reduced fatigue and stress. Many of these benefits can be put down to their powerful anti-oxidant capacity which also supports fertility, immunity and liver detoxification - and gut health with their fibre content. But most unusually for a fruit they have a decent protein content providing us with the 11 essential amino acids (those that we can’t make ourselves and have to get from food). I mean seriously – Is there anything they can’t do?!



Hazelnuts (like most tree nuts) are a heart healthy fruit, rich in monounsaturated fats and fibre they can actually help lower our LDL cholesterol, reduce inflammation and normalise blood lipid levels. They are particularly high in manganese and copper.  Manganese helps make digestive enzymes as well as strong bones and copper lets us absorb iron properly which is essential for energy production. On top of this they contain the highest anti-oxidant content among nuts – what a little warrior!




Flax seeds are a little nutritional power house as one of the richest plant-based sources of essential anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats, which is great news for any vegetarians out there. These fats alongside flax’s B-vitamins also give us a good strong nails and lovely shiny mane! Aside from this they contain a powerful anti-oxidant called Lignans which promote hormone balance and pack a good little protein punch at 18g per 100g. But my favourite benefit is they love our gut! Flax is a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. The insoluble fibre binds to fat and cholesterol increasing their excretion which can actually lower “bad” cholesterol levels, also carrying out any toxins it supports colon detoxification. Best of all is Flax’s soluble fibre. Flax has very high levels of mucilage gum content, making it a gel forming fibre that draws water into our digestive tract, keeping food in there for longer allowing more nutrient absorption and making us feel full for longer too. AND the fibre in flax feeds our healthy gut bacteria – once again healthy gut = healthy life!