my mission

celebrate the gift that is the human body and love it back with the nutrients nature intended.


what is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the pursuit and promotion of optimal health and performance.

Nutritional therapy can support a huge range of health goals, from just checking you are on the right path with nutrient intake, dietary changes and weight loss to helping to recover normal function from debilitating symptoms or chronic conditions.

In terms of sport, proper nutrition is the solid foundation on which to build your training and is so much more than just just calories and macro-nutrients.                                                                   

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the consultation

The consultation will last 1.5 hours and in this time we will create a detailed picture of your health history, helping you understand how you have arrived at the place you find yourself today, also allowing us time to create a personalised nutrition plan, specific to you and your situation. You will go away with some suggested meal plans and 3-4 specific points of focus for you to work on until the next time we meet.

I will likely give you some educational handouts to consolidate what we have discussed in the appointment as well, so you don’t need to try and retain everything we cover!   


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Why choose the Nourished Soul?

Competing at an international level for 20 years has meant I have pushed my body to its limits in pursuit of my goals and have a unique understanding of the demands that daily stress, training and fatigue put on the body 

When I started to love my body back with proper nutrition, instead of punishing it, I found a new lease of athletic life.

My personal experiences alongside rigorous and robust qualifications combine with a true love of food and cooking to give you a comprehensive and professional service you can trust.

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nutrition and sport

Traditional sports nutrition based on calories and macronutrients never resonated with me. However a functional approach targeting the individual, appreciating the holistic nature of the human body and the incredible power of nutrients changed everything when I found myself battling two potential career ending injuries and real emotional lows. 

Once I understood how out of balance my body was, nutrition gave me a solid foundation on which to build quality training. I realised that my body wasn’t letting me down - I was letting my body down.


Everything I cook is gluten free, not only because I don't want the anti-nutrient and inflammatory "frankenwheat" (read more here) in my diet, but mostly because other ingredients taste so much better!

Here's a selection of breakfast & brunch recipes (my absolute favourite meal of any day) but have a look through all of my recipes if you are in the need of some nutritional inspiration!

now the official partner to podium sports....

I am really excited to be a proud partner of podium sports. i love what these guys are doing for student sport in this country and wish i had had this kind of support as a student athlete. click here to find out more about what podium is doing And how they could help you.