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Would you like me to cook with you?

  • Want to try some new ingredients but don't know what to do with them?

  • Feeling stuck as to how to start cooking nutritionally balanced meals?

  • Don't know how to cook for your specific health concerns - like gluten/dairy free, an anti-inflammatory diet, foods for heart health or IBS?

  • Need ideas for quick and nutritious dinners?

  • Want to cook up a breakfast/brunch feast?


For me this whole thing started first and foremost with a love for food, I mean really tasty, yummy satisfying food. I love cooking, most of all I love cooking for other people and making them happy with my food.

Recently I have hosted a couple of Nutrition for wellbeing days with my mum for Neals Yard Remedies and I enjoy doing it so much I want to extend the invitation to everyone!

Starting a lifestyle change can be daunting, especially if it means taking up a new skill in which perhaps you don't feel that confident. I know many people feel they "can't cook" or just don't know where to start with a fridge full of ingredients. Maybe you have a specific health condition and you would like some help preparing food based around it?

I will continue to put my recipes up on here for you to crack on with but if you are stuck, want help putting together a specific menu (perhaps gluten free, or anti-inflammatory) want some new inspiration with some interesting functional superfood ingredients or just want to have a bit of fun why not get in touch and let me cook with you? Fill in the form below and I will get back to you to discuss what you need.

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